I was recently taking a course on Product Management and there came a topic in user research where we need inputs from users and send them an email to discuss the possibility of an interview with our user. Here are 3 things that I believe can be applied to domaining too:

1) Be short
The entire email should be between 4-7 sentences according to research. If larger, it would greatly reduce the response rate.

2) Be personal
You should always include a couple of lines about how you came across their email/website etc. and then make it personal. Personalization is the key. Automation is bound to fail

3) Be valuable
Always write your email in a way that shows the value for your user. Tell them that you seem to be growing pretty fast, or look like an expert in their industry or something of that sort.

Things to remember:

In the introduction part, you should introduce them and not yoruself. As in, how you came across their article or blog or website or email and how it was brilliant. In our case, we may write something as "I came across your website while looking for car rental in NYC" which seems to have a pretty great number of searches or something of that sort.

Attaching a sample email that PMs send. Now I am not sure how much can this be exactly copied, but a quick format in terms of action or setting up a meeting or introduction could be something that can be used.

Screenshot 2020-01-08 at 11.43.36 PM.png

There seems to be good response from a PM perspective on this one. Maybe if we tweak it to our advantage and usage, it may work for us as well.

Anything that has worked for you in outbound specifically?