On the internet you will find plenty of tools for checking disk space utilization in Linux. However, Linux has a strong built-in utility called ‘df‘. The ‘df‘ command stands for “disk filesystem“, it is used to get a full summary of available and used disk space usage of the file system on Linux system.

Using ‘-h‘ parameter with (df -h) will show the file system disk space statistics in “human readable” format, means it gives the details in bytes, megabytes, and gigabyte.

How to Check Disk Space in Linux
  1. df
  2. df -a
  3. df -h
  4. df -hT /home
  5. df -k
  6. df -m
  7. df -i
  8. df -T
  9. df -t ext3
  10. df -x ext3
  11. df --help